Social Media Promo

The Student Pocket Guide has a firmly established and growing social network presence. With a core following of over 50,000 Facebook and Twitter followers, all areas of content from magazine features to website competitions and exclusive student discounts, are promoted in current, effective and engaging methods amongst the 16-24 demographic. The Student Pocket Guide social network accounts are available for advertisers to maximise their reach and increase interaction with their target audience.

Our YouTube channel – SPGtv generates 50,000 views and an estimated 100,000 minutes of watched video content each month, and has generated over 3 million video views!

SPGtv features 440+ videos, ranging from exclusive student house party competitions with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Gabrielle Aplin, through to covers from unsigned talent from around the world!

More recently musicians have used SPGtv as a platform to release their original tracks. Here’s one in particular that we’re loving at the moment!